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The internal management and communication of asset information within corporations represents the largest opportunity for minimizing costs and optimizing revenues. Depending on the internal infrastructure, IT is not always effective at supporting specific business needs, and interestingly, often ends up driving the business vs. supporting it. Capstone is an expert in the management and communication of asset information. We believe in the KISS Principle, and especially when it comes to Information Technology. Together, we will eliminate your corporate ‘waste’ and ensure your technology effectively serves your business. Check out our portfolio of Information Technology solutions:


Corporate Integration

What really is corporate integration (CI) and what happened to the nineties buzz? It was such a romantic phrase and yet despite its many benefits, no company has yet to achieve true corporate integration. Capstone WILL:

  • Automate the sharing of information within the corporation, via the ‘best of breeds’ concept;
  • Simplify internal operations to ensure a proactive versus reactive environment is achieved in order to facilitate change more quickly and more effectively in the future;
  • Simplify communication of information within the corporation;
  • Maximize quality of information within your organization;
  • Simplify corporate reporting requirements.

Best of all, the technology is there and there are no system conversions or implementations required in order to achieve the benefits of ‘true’ corporate integration.

The sharing of information, within the corporations and the industry, as a whole, is an obvious opportunity for effectively managing oil & gas assets in a rapidly declining workforce. The benefits never went away, the people just got tired.

Also, see Centralization for more information regarding an Industry approach to the sharing of information.

Corporate integration will serve to effectively minimize costs and maximize revenues within a shrinking workforce.


Data Conversions and Implementation

With the rapid pace of the Canadian oil & gas industry, data conversions and implementations have become a costly, ineffective headache buried within the acquisition and divestiture processes for many corporations. It has been accepted as that costly, necessary evil required in order to achieve the integration of assets or the migration to a new software solution. Capstone WILL:

  • Handle ALL aspects associated with data conversions or implementations, including scoping, project management, and liaison with software vendor;
  • Allow you to do more deals more quickly;
  • Simplify day to day operations;
  • Minimize costs;
  • Minimize post-conversion cleanup efforts;
  • Remove the headaches and frustrations associated with change.


The underlying snowball effect of bad data continues to riddle and the A&D process and will burst in a shrinking workforce, forcing the pace of the business to finally slow down.


Data Management

For over two decades, data management (DM) has presented ongoing, affordable opportunities for corporations to minimize costs, enhance efficiencies, minimize stress levels, and increase revenues, both within the corporations and within the industry as a whole. See Centralization.

Yet despite the multitude of advantages, very few corporations have recognized data management as a key variable for improving internal business operations. Capstone provides Data Management services that WILL:

  • Simplify your day to day operations;
  • Allow you to process information more quickly;
  • Ensure your business operations are proactive versus reactive;
  • Reduce costs;
  • Reduce headaches and frustrations and increase overall job satisfaction.


Data management is a most key variable for the future success of the oil and gas business. It is the root of all our evil.


IT Audit

Information technology (IT) presents many opportunities for minimizing costs, for many corporations. Despite all the efforts, dollars, and frustrations we have invested over the last three decades, it is sad that the benefits we have realized are minimal in comparison to what can still be reaped. In many instances, IT is driving our business versus supporting it. Capstone WILL:

  • Ensure you are getting the most out of your existing infrastructure;
  • Identify the corporate waste that may exist in your corporation;
  • Ensure your technology is effectively supporting your business needs;
  • Simplify your day to day operations;
  • Allow you to process information more quickly;
  • Minimize costs;
  • Reduce headaches and frustrations and increase overall job satisfaction;
  • Identify strategies that will enable the corporation to execute change more quickly and more effectively.


Capstone will ensure your technology effectively supports your business needs.