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Cheri J. Nichol

management consultant, author & speaker

I spent 12 years climbing corporate oil & gas ladders & 6+ years blazing technology trails at two of the ‘big four’ accounting firms – Coopers & Lybrand (QByte) & Ernst & Young (EYES). As a lead architect in Land software design & corporate integration, I was also a founding project manager in the review & automation of industry Land information (contracts, mineral, surface, well, JV’s).

I evolved as a professional change catalyst & service provider throughout the explosion of a brand, new IT industry & the entry of an entire junior oil & gas sector. Developing/implementing software while aggressively jockeying for sales & automating information due to relentless property rationalization, made progress in-motion, on-the-fly & difficult to stabilize.

Upon E&Y exiting the software game, I formerly launched Capstone Management International Ltd. At my peak, I maintained a client portfolio of 125+ junior, mid & major-sized N.A. Oil & Gas/IT companies, employing 350+ individuals (over time) to steadily deliver the promises. My forte… Land management, resourcing, administration, budgeting/reporting; A&D – comprehensive, turnkey solutions; IT – software design, selection, conversions; data warehousing/management; corporate planning, integration, streamlining operations; resourcing & executive mentoring. I lead BPI, AFE, SAP, Y2K, SOX & ESG projects & participated in CAPL Operating Procedure revisions.

In 2012, as a work-a-holic, with people placed & projects completed, client budgets were tight at the onset of what we thought, was a ‘typical’ recession. I chose to downsize my company, spend time with my family & maintain my post as an independent management consultant.

Through the recession & after decades of people study, in 2017 I completed my book Go With Your CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) to reveal Happiness as more than a feeling & more like an innate intelligence & to add Happy culture footprints to round my business & IT service portfolio.

In 2004, I had encountered GNH Gross National Happiness & was intrigued by the traction/appeal it was gaining in global arenas due to the accelerated impact that emotions were having on people, businesses & collectively on markets & economies. Timing was perfect in the sense of an ESG++ positive environment loaded in mental health issues. However, between age, wealth & the long recession pre-covid, all my clients had retired or had significantly laid back in their needs & assets.

At the onset of covid, with the exception of 2 small clients, I temporarily pivoted my efforts to speak about Happiness, pro bono, at high schools, rehab centers, mental health settings, etc. Being well-received, I did a sponsored HAT (Happiness Awareness Tour) tour in rural Alberta in the summer, 2020. In the fall, I returned full-time to the oil & gas world.

I am also a professional Feng Shui Management Consultant. I have studied Chinese Feng Shui with Chinese Master Dr. David Lai, since 1996. In 2001, I became certified as a Chinese Feng Shui Energy Consultant in Yuen Huen Feng Shui, 4 Pillars & Chinese Astrology. Dr. Lai is a global Master prominent in the design of Calgary’s Bow & TransCanada Pipe buildings, as local examples. Visit

Today, I am most keen to teach, mentor, consult & facilitate. Today, Capstone is a relevant revamp & reflection of all I have learned, practiced & experienced, both personally & professionally, online, on-the-ground, in the trenches & in the boardroom.