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Business Solutions

Capstone’s business solutions focus on simplifying day to day operations in a rapidly changing business environment. We recognize the importance of understanding specific business needs and goals, and are experts at knowing how to immediately derive value and to effectively facilitate transition and implementation for our clients. Capstone will ensure simplicity, balance and the effective streamlining of processes and procedures, within the corporation.

Acquisitions and Divestures

Acquisitions and divestitures is one of Capstone’s most prized and proprietary solutions. Our volume of repeat business speaks for itself. This is a one-stop, comprehensive service that will provide the following for your corporation:

  • The ability to do more deals, more quickly;
  • Effectively blend many corporate cultures;
  • An A&D department that you pay for only as you need. You can focus on day to day operations and leave the change headaches to Capstone;
  • comprehensive, one stop solution for effectively conveying and integrating assets, including flat rate pricing in order to solidify your budgeting requirements;
  • Solid quality assurance techniques;
  • Final report of assets acquired/disposed;
  • Recommendations for going forward.


Moving assets is our specialty. We are change artists that are second-to-none in the industry.


Asset Inventories

The rapid pace of our business makes it very challenging to finalize asset inventories for management and reporting purposes. Using a blend of manual and automated techniques, Capstone will provide:

  • Complete, accurate inventory of well locations;
  • Reporting of complete, accurate acreage statistics (producing/non-producing and gross/net acreage), including applicable system updates for effective reporting in the future;
  • Internal maintenance strategies to ensure inventories are effectively maintained into the future.

Efficiency is a key to the future of our business.


Business Process Improvement

Capstone WILL:

  • Ensure your business operates in a proactive versus reactive environment;
  • Facilitate change more quickly and more effectively;
  • Ensure your technology effectively supports your business vs. being slave to the box;
  • Simplify your operations to effectively prepare for a rapidly shrinking workforce;
  • Reduce your costs, derive your value points and enhance your revenues.



Centralization is a revolutionary business concept, specifically designed for the Canadian oil & gas industry and its rapidly declining workforce. This model represents an opportunity for corporations, and the Industry, as a whole, to realize large cost reductions in the management of Mineral Asset portfolios and to increase revenues by providing the ability to effectively manage assets and facilitate more aggressive acquisition and divestiture activity,all within the confines of a smaller work population.

Capstone’s Prima Project is a most optimum, unique and revolutionary business model designed to eliminate industry redundancy and accommodate a rapidly shrinking resource population. Capstone’s Prima Project Business Plan illustrates the $100 million dollar cost savings opportunity that currently exists with respect to the simplification of the management of oil & gas mineral assets in Western Canada. A detailed approach (including cost and benefit breakdowns) regarding the design, implementation and maintenance of a centralization model is also outlined. To support the urgency in timing, Capstone reveals the inability of existing business practices to sustain or increase corporate revenues into the future.

Note that the Prima Project Business Plan has been collectively refined by highly qualified IT and business professionals. Due to the magnitude and scope of centralization, please contact Cheri Nichol at 403-818-9890 or by email at to further discussion and information.


Corporate Entrepreneur

The phrase “Corporate Entrepreneur” is proprietary to Capstone. It is a service designed to assist leaders in consistently deriving tangible value from highly paid executives and to effectively educate and mentor junior executives to become more effective more quickly. Capstone WILL:

  • Provide the ability to create consistent, top producing consistent, top producing, value-added executives;
  • Derive opportunities for consistently minimizing costs and optimizing revenues;
  • Provide detailed assessments/recommendations for each executive;
  • Provide ongoing executive mentoring.

We provide detailed, step by step strategies that will optimize the performance of any executive.


Realizing ALL the benefits of a corporation means first realizing ALL the strengths of the people.


Corporate Feng Shui

In keeping consistent with all Capstone solutions, Corporate Feng Shui (pronounced “fung schway”) is also proven, effective and affordable. By using ancient techniques as well as strategies derived from the Book of I Ching, Capstone WILL:

  • Improve the relationships of the people while optimizing the energy of the work environment;
  • Define specific dates and times for optimizing the outcome of specific business activities and events, and we can do it for any sized corporation or group;
  • Increase financial fitness;
  • Enhance the health of your people;
  • Enhance the spirit of your corporation.

What a perfect, low-cost solution for impressing your people and increasing your revenues!

Energize your people by harnessing the positive energy of your environment.