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O&G Management, Staffing, Outsourcing

instant, ongoing value at your fingertips

ESG Positive!
  • **seeking client to prove / polish** – great go-forward rewards, incentives!!!

  • turn-key, automated!
  • unique, proprietary
  • conglomerate of value-added strategies, solutions, reporting options.

avoid hefty headaches and cost layers


Corporate Integration / Streamlining Operations

… such romantic phrases! Getting ahead means getting real… true integration is not just sharing master files… it includes property ownerships, obligations, processing, sharing and reporting, to effectively driving accurate, up-to-date information, throughout the organization. Then… there’s reporting and workflows…

A lot of rewards to reap and relish!  

Integrate your world… streamline operations from a grand, objective perspective

  • 2nd-to-none at streamlining people, technology, work flows, energies AND environments!!!
  • Instant, short/long-term value
  • fast-track your goals, targets, performance
  • tangible cost-saving gains
  • upfront planning, scoping
  • project management
  • optimize all your assets, options
  • site fresh, fruitful improvement opportunities
  • flat-rating project pricing

Harness the experience, knowledge and performance!!!


Happy People Power

As a leading employer, Happiness author, entrepreneur, feng shui consultant, intuitive, my people knowledge, is very unparalleled, broad and objective. Get-real, on-the-ground knowledge you can use to your advantage!

I get people, your needs and your challenges and no business will ever realize it’s true potential until it realizes the true potential of it’s people. 


  • onboarding/off-boarding
  • attrition/retirement, motivational, accountable, turn-key, at-home/remote working packages/strategies
  • employee engagement, attraction, loyalty, retention, team-building/bonding
  • people management

Happy Culture Footprints 

Let Capstone deploy it’s CHO’s (Chief Happiness Officers) and alleviate your people worries!

  • Full outsourcing – all inclusive… very fresh, unprecedented!

Up the pulse in your organization… grasp all your powerful positives!


Capstone locks in your costs so you can focus on your stock and barrel…

Land Asset Management

The ultimate opportunity to outsource your administration, lock in your costs and focus on your stock and barrel!!

Capstone handles everything to do with Mineral, Surface and Contract assets. From planning, set-up, budgeting, staffing, automating, streamlining, administering, reporting, A&D, etc… Capstone is the ultimate critic, captain and catalyst!

Let Capstone relieve the chokes and elevate your business, image and bank account!!!

and please… call me on ALL of it…


‘Capstone is that A&D Department
you only pay for as you need.’

Acquisitions & Divestitures

Honestly, it’s alot of value, to mention – connect for all the juicy details…

  • 100% turn-key, one-stop shop of A&D services
  • all inclusive, from planning to post-closing – easy compliment to your busines
  • convenient, flat-rate pricing – easy to merit, plan, budget
  • on-budget, on-time, on target deliveries
  • ANY size, phase, deal dynamics – fast, efficient, accurate, including staff growth/attrition – short/long term
  • innovative, proprietary, step-by-step methodologies
  • first, original founder of document automation
  • professional, accountable, reliable



Project Management
  • multi-tasking, multi-faceted, multi-project management
  • instant, on-the-go efficiency, performance, value
  • professional, reliable, accountable
  • interim/final reporting – on-budget, on-time, on-target

we take care of the balls, data, drama and problems! Our real groove, is delivery and service!


Data Optimization

For decades, our data has held A LOT of hands, styles, deals and learning curves…  A LOT of moving costs… A LOT of ‘built-up bastards, in the data world! Our technology really isn’t the problem… still a fresh generation aggressively hugs, our horizon… it is logical, inevitable.

Still… no matter what the platform or the generation, garbage-in, is always garbage-out… when it comes to information.

Are you really ready for AI?

  • how effective are you, at storing, maintaining, managing, sharing and reporting, your Land assets, digitally or manual.
  • be proactive, save your dollars… sort out your data, before you commit or migrate to any fresh, new environment!
  • clean your house… shed the work-arounds and the garbage!
  • detailed data assessments, within Mineral, Surface, Contract Land
  • assessment of corporate information flows, from Land to all departments of the corporation

‘With Capstone, you never compromise dollars for value and performance.’


Optimize your properties before you work them over!!!

AI - Are You Really Ready?

Does your technology support your business or does your business support your technology?

Have you ever realized technology ROI’s or even dared to measure them?

There is A LOT to capture and A LOT starts with inception and awareness. Inception is a portal for easing change; recovering costs, more quickly; AND ensuring you take full advantage of the intelligence benefits and experiences.

Achieving a fruitful AI platform, means making sure AI fits the needs of YOUR business. Reaping the benefits depends on choosing the right solution and effectively migrating to your live business environment. Optimizing AI is about timing, selection and change precision, and it’s definitely a double-edged sword when it comes to cost recovery. It can provide long-lasting rewards or increase risks, costs and frustrations. AI costs… usually hefty, front-ended… AI can be the difference between success or failure, for many businesses.

DO NOT be fooled by all the flying saucers. We are early in and there is still A LOT clouding the horizon, learning curves and value.

  • professional consulting in software selection, implementation – any platform, generation
  • objective, broad, unique experience
  • mitigate costs, timelines, frustrations


summing up the value….

Capstone never over-promises and never under-delivers!!!

Mindful, Masterful Management

… a service portfolio that’s way beyond, any of the finest!

  • Leadership Management
  • Land Asset Management
  • Well Management
  • Masterfile Management
  • Road Use Management
  • Land Data / Software Management
  • Mineral Acreage Management Reporting
  • Revenue Recovery Management
  • Project Management
  • Change Management – assets (A&D), technology and people
  • Happiness Management – Happy culture footprints
  • Resource Management – staffing, productivity, attrition
  • ESG Management

Why Capstone?

  •  Second-to-none, long-term service provider
  • Proven leaders > instant, short/long-term efficiency, value, performance
  • Innovative, value-added proprietary solutions/services portfolio
  • Polished, professional planning, rollouts, deliverables
  • Generalists, specialists > upstream, downstream
  • Cross-department > all aspects, levels; any phase, dynamics
  • Cross-border, cross-industry > N.A. O&G, IT, Mental Health
  • Large, repeatable client-base – juniors, intermediates, majors
  • Unparalleled background, experience, vision
  • Steadily on-budget, on-time, on-target
  • Flat-rate pricing, service-packaging > easy-to-merit, plan, manage
  • Objective, robust, dynamic
  • Professional, reliable, accountable

It’s A LOT to relay, so please… call us… on ANY and ALL of it!!!

403-818-9890 /

We have a knack for resolving challenges and consistently siting improvement opportunities that add true, tangible value to your business.

our passion… management…

our delivery… unparalleled…

the rewards… fruitful, efficient

our vision… beyond what’s ahead of us!