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O&G Management Consulting

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ESG Positive!

We offer a unique, proprietary conglomerate of automated strategies, solutions and reporting options.

With Capstone, you avoid another hefty cost layer.

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Corporate Integration

Corporate integration – such a romantic phrase in our business! Getting ahead means getting real… True integration is not just sharing master files; it includes property ownerships, obligations, processing, sharing nd reporting, to effectively driving accurate, up-to-date, information, to all other departments. A lot of perks to reap and relish!  

Integrate your world… upfront planning, scoping and flat-rating project pricing… and we also excel at multi-tasking, managing multiple projects, in harmony, and separating the macro from the micro, to optimize all the options.

Sound too good to be true? Call me on it…

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Streamlining Operations

Oozing in endless efficiency and performance…

Capstone is a ‘one-and-only’ kind when it comes to streamlining people, technology, work flows, energies AND environments. We dissect your costs, polish your assets,motivate your staff, align your technologies AND $$$ tangibly report how much we contribute and how much we made a difference.

We start within Land and assess Land, as the source within the organization.

Let Capstone show YOU the Money! Contact Cheri Nichol @ 403-818-9890 or by email @

Happy Staffing

Whether you are hiring, firing or facing a volume of rapidly-retiring Baby Boomers, Capstone has efficient step-by-step strategies to alleviate efforts, costs, frustrations. From image-building, internal communications, change, employee engagement, attraction and retention.  


Happy culture footprints.

Full outsourcing.

Post-employment go-forwards.

Up the pulse in your organization and grasp all your untapped assets!


Professional Land Management, Reporting, Staffing… full-blown Outsourcing

Land Asset Management

‘the ultimate opportunity to outsource your business and off-load extra costs, headaches and hassles’

Capstone handles anything AND everything to do with Mineral, Surface and Contract assets. From planning, set-up, budgeting, staffing, automating, streamlining, administering, reportinge… Capstone expediates ALL, efficiently and effectively.

Relieve your worries, headaches and costs while Capstone elevates your business, image and bank account!!! Land, is the source of our business.

Call me on all of it… Cheri Nichol @ 403-818-9890 or by email @

‘Capstone is that A&D Department
you only pay for as you need.’

Acquisitions & Divestitures

100% complete, comprehensive, one-stop shop of A&D services & solutions…

~ ALL phases – pre/post planning; pre/post closings;
~ ANY SIZE of deal/transaction – corporate and/or property;
~ ANY TYPE of deal/transaction- acquisition, disposition, amalgamation, name change down-sizing or insolvency;
~ second-to-none, fast, efficient, cost-effective;
~ leading transformation specialist – fast, efficient rollouts, deliveries – reliable, on-budget, on-time – scoping you can count on;
~ proprietary, step-by-step methodologies – automated and manual;
~ handling of ALL staffing requirements – growth/attrition – short/long term;
~ minimized post-clean-up;
~ easy compliment to your existing operations;
~ hourly and Flat rate pricing – book your scope, timing and delivery!!!
~ strategic, go-forward options, recommendations, for your business and bank account!
~professional reporting & accountability – interim & final.

Contact: Cheri Nichol @ (403)818-9890 or by email @

Project Management

Plan ahead… let’s have a chat… there’s no obligation and no need to sit, anticipating the problems… Cheri Nichol @ 403-818-9890 or by email @


Transitioning Land assets, data clean-up, special projects, whatever… has a long-standing reputation for being costly, time-consuming and outright frustrating. Historically, it’s been a source of unforeseen spending, road-blocks and back-lashes, all commanding dollars and action.  

Capstone is a second-to-none change catalyst. We handle data conversions/transition, like nobody’s business. Contact Cheri Nichol at 403-818-9890 or by email @ I will share how Capstone shines; why we have no competition; why you can not afford to not use us; and how we can make a difference, to your pocket-book, psyches and business.

If you are interested, curious or maybe in awe of all the goodness, contact Cheri Nichol @ 403-918-9890 or by email @ for further offerings and/or details.



Intel Optimization & Data Performance

Information management and warehousing is an ongoing gateway for business improvement, within Land and within the corporation, as a whole. Capstone offers an objective, detailed assessment of how effective you are, at storing, maintaining, managing, sharing and reporting, your Land assets, digitally or manual.

Like all Capstone services… unprecedented innovation to pump your assets!!!

‘With Capstone, you never compromise dollars for value and performance.’

Cheri Nichol @ 403-818-9890 or by email @

Second to none in efficiency, value, performance

Software Optimization

Are you getting the most out of your technology?

Cheri Nichol @ 403-818-9890 or by email @

AI - Are You Really Ready?

There is A LOT to capture and A LOT starts with inception and awareness. Inception is a portal for easing change; recovering costs, more quickly; AND ensuring you take full advantage of the intelligence benefits and experiences.

The trick to achieving a fruitful AI platform, is making sure AI fits the needs of YOUR business. Reaping the benefits depends on choosing the right solution and effectively migrating to your live business environment. Optimizing AI is about timing, selection and change precision, and it’s definitely a double-edged sword when it comes to cost recovery. It can provide long-lasting rewards or increase risks, costs and frustrations. AI can be the difference between success or failure, for many businesses. DO NOT be fooled by all the flying saucers. We are early in and there is still A LOT clouding the horizon and the value.
Contact Cheri Nichol @ 403-818-9890 or by email @