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Happiness for the Corporation

I am delighted to introduce Happiness as a most recent addition to the Capstone service portfolio. Change and transition are what we excel at so it’s only logical Capstone would carry the torch in the movement for Happiness! We are perpetual opportunists and visionaries.

Energize the individual, energize the corporation.

Happiness is a proactive, value-added solution that will reduce the impacts of a rapidly shrinking work population. Capstone offers a futuristic, new-age business model that will  allow you to do more with less people while increasing productivity. My simple, step-by-step solutions represent a unique combination of best business practices, proven metaphysical laws and energies, and the spirituality mainstream. After decades of hard work, over-achievement, development and modernization, the shift towards Happiness and spirituality as priorities, was inevitable.

Happiness is an innate intelligence oozing in proven benefits.

Time-wise – it couldn’t be better. The post-Baby Boomers already view ‘Happiness as the key to success’ and as the Baby Boomers quickly approach retirement, they are shifting their mindsets from ‘success being the key to Happiness’, to ‘Happiness being the key to success.’ Even the government has taken an interest, calling it Gross National Happiness (GNH).

As the generations blend, we can take advantage of the common mindsets and of the information we have learned from various sources and sectors. It’s a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the knowledge we have gained.

Contact Cheri at 1-403-818-9890 or send her an email.

Happiness Solutions That Provide Instant Value

sidebar-4My book Go With Your CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) provides simple how-to Happiness solutions to ensure all the benefits of Happiness are quickly and affordably realized – for both the individual and the corporation. The first step in any corporation is to buy my 200-page book for every individual in your group. It is a value-added approach that poises the corporation for fast, effective results and minimizes the need for any outside consultation. Considering the quality in content, I can’t relay it any easier or get it to you any cheaper. It is only $25.00. How and where else can you get such high-quality content that engages and motivates your people so quickly and affordably? Learn more about Go With Your CHO.

Measuring Happiness Within the Corporation

To ensure sustenance and value, of course Capstone has defined benchmarking strategies that will bring this intangible resource into fruition. Objective and credible measuring techniques are also intended measuring techniques are also designed to establish Happiness as a long-term player in the business arena.

To solidify my business model, I am personally seeking an opportunity to measure Happiness within a corporation. I require a year onsite motivating your people and will consider relocating to any city or country. Note that transition to a Happy corporation requires approximately 6-10 weeks depending on the number of people in your business. Once achieved, a Happy corporation requires much less time and effort in order to maintain and measure going forward. Measuring is performed over a one year period to confirm longevity and quality. Please contact Cheri.


My methodologies and concepts are fresh and progressive, and are designed to accommodate the rapid shift in the psyche of our nation and to minimize the unprecedented impact to our mammoth economic engine.

Feed your spirit while doing your business.

The CHO is an individual, a leader and a catalyst in the corporation. Happiness is already an existing asset residing within your business which makes it easy to quickly develop and maintain. The CHO is smart enough to ease into the folds of your existing operations and to instantly compliment your goals and objectives. Happiness provides a hotbed of untapped resources and ready-to-go solutions.

I am Happy to offer quality and value that is second to none in any service sector or business!