We take pride in consistently providing value and performance to our clients. Capstone has a passion for making a positive, tangible difference to your business and we do it by focusing on change, efficiency and management.

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Every individual is a Chief Happiness Officer (CHO). You are the CHO of your self. The CHO is the internal livelihood and happy that resides within you. Flow With Your CHO (FWYCHO) uses the CHO to communicate and promote the happiness messages.




Capstone has a solid reputation for consistently minimizing costs while maximizing performance and value. Capstone is quick to deliver on budget, on time, in any economic climate or market.

I am a Management Consultant that can truly make a difference to your business. I am a successful leader, entrepreneur, innovator, and visionary, I know how to strategically plan, transition, manage, maintain, mentor, troubleshoot, and bring a corporation to fruition. I positively affect corporate performance by effectively optimizing Land assets, providing prompt, accurate information/reporting, streamlining corporate work flows, efficiently utilizing technology and happily empowering people. I’ve always 'walked the talk' and am very happy to be made accountable.

I am a leading, long-term service provider who is passionate about change, efficiency and management! Through Land, I provide unique, dynamic, value-added solutions that reduce costs, improve relations, and secure story lines. Capstone is your second-to-none, no-risk, professional service company that is easy to justify in any situation or market!

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Capstone is a comprehensive one-stop A&D department that you only pay for as you need. Capstone eases budgets, efforts and frustrations. This service enables the client to stay focused on day to day business while Capstone effectively conveys, integrates and reports the acquisition or disposition of Land assets, cultures and resources. Our vast experience enables us to offer flat rate pricing so you can conveniently budget dollars and deadlines. Let Capstone add to your business and poise you to do more deals, more quickly. As experts in facilitating change, nobody can top Capstone's experience on this one! 


Capstone handles everything, and anything, under that Land umbrella. We set up, manage, maintain and report Mineral, Contract, Surface and Well property portfolios. Our professional, proprietary solutions and services quickly add value and effectively compliment your needs, goals and successes.

Capstone optimizes Land assets by reducing administration costs and efforts, identifying value-added opportunities, and enhancing Land’s performance within the corporation. Bringing Land assets to fruition is our passion and our mandate. We focus on change, efficiency and management to positively contribute to the Land business. 

Capstone delivers value and performance in any environment, economy or market. We are unique and dynamic in our strategies and approaches and we are second to none in planning, scoping and delivering! 

To take advantage of Capstone’s savvy, diverse background and experience, please contact Cheri Nichol at 403-818-9890. I'm excited to tell you how Capstone can make a difference to your business. I'm also excited to tell you about Capstone's Property Optimization service. 


Capstone’s “Corporate Entrepreneur” program is specifically designed to assist CEO’s,  Executives and Managers. If you have the ongoing need to consistently derive tangible value from highly paid managers/executives and/or to effectively educate and mentor junior managers/executives to become more effective, more quickly, this service is for you! This is the perfect tool for optimizing value especially if your execs are driven purely by potential and have no blood in the game.

This is a unique, integrative approach that mirrors a typical day in the role of the CEO/Leader. Participants will live the day to day responsibilities, challenges, and stresses associated with short and long-term performance and accountability. It focuses on management, people, technology, products and services, and of course, those real, uncontrollable factors such as investors, markets, economies and competitors. To ensure well-rounded, effectiveness, our strategies are also portrayed in high-stress, high-demand, rapidly-changing environments. We pull out all the assets, the risks, and the liabilities!

Participants will learn to identify, and deliver, value-added opportunities more quickly and efficiently. Capstone will teach your people to think bigger, and improve decision-making, cognitive-processing, analysis, and planning skills. We even focus on intuition, motivation, and image! It’s the clever and the savvy that’s individual.

To customize to your corporate goals and objectives, Capstone offers private group sessions or one-on-one consulting. We offer hourly or flat rates and objectively report and make recommendations for each of the participants. Wouldn't it be nice to know the true potential of a candidate?

We take pride in our efficiency and effectiveness. We know how to 'walk the talk' because of our unprecedented skill sets and experience. This, by far, is Capstone’s most unique offering to recognize and realize!


Corporate Feng Shui (pronounced “fung schway”) is proven, effective and affordable. By using ancient techniques and strategies derived from the Book of I Ching, Feng Shui is a perfect, low-cost solution for increasing revenues and impressing your people! We will align your energy, your wealth, and your spirits!



The management, communication and reporting of Land asset information is a key component when measuring value and performance in the oil & gas business. The quality and flow of Land information to the corporation, determines a proactive vs. reactive style of doing business and affects the company's ability to effectively identify opportunities and promptly adapt to change. Both affect costs and revenues.

Complete integration means electronically sharing one source of commonly used information throughout the corporation. Integration presents a large opportunity for minimizing costs and optimizing revenues. Capstone will:

  • define how your company can tangibly benefit from integration;
  • define the cost and effort it will take to actually achieve integration;
  • efficiently and effectively transition you to an integrated environment. Capstone is a catalyst for integrating Land, Financial Accounting FA, and Production Accounting PA, and we provide the client with the luxury of staying focused on day to day business while Capstone minimizes the transition;
  • Implement easy, go-forward changes to ensure the corporation realizes all the integration benefits. Includes work flow streamlining, online training, and mindset transitioning.

Talk about positive ROI's! Capstone's experience is second to none when it comes to Land data management and corporate information sharing. We are the first to truly connect the 'best of breeds' when it comes to oil & gas software. For Capstone, integration is not just a romantic word, it's a reality.

Let us integrate your environment. We have the skillets and you have the technology! 


Capstone has definitely perfected the Contract, Mineral and Surface Land conversion processes! We are outstanding change catalysts who will effectively handle every aspect of your conversion process, including:

Client Orientation - reduces client time/frustration and provides for efficient planning.

Conversion Process - Electronic or manual - we handle both effectively and efficiently.

Communication with Land/FA software vendors - reduces client time/frustration. Ensures smooth, quality transition process.

In-House Communications - Let Capstone handle your FA and PA interface. We understand their needs and requirements and know how to professionally accommodate all parties. 

Outsourcing change and growth to Capstone is a most viable, cost-effective solution for any corporation.


Effectively managing Land assets can significantly reduce G&A costs for all departments of the corporation. Quality Land information poises the corporation for fast, rapid growth, evolution and change. It eases planning, serves to identify opportunities more quickly, and reduces people's efforts and frustrations. To enhance your business and your spirit, Capstone simplifies, satisfies, and maintains all your information needs by ensuring your Land information effectively supports your needs, your people and your business. Capstone can make a positive difference to your operations through effective data management, in any environment or economic climate!


Information technology (IT) presents glowing opportunities for minimizing costs and increasing revenues. To ensure your technology best serves your business, Capstone ensures your Land software plus any third-party add-ons, effectively supports your business and simplifies your day to day operations.



Are you a Happy Corporation? Are you reaping the tangible benefits of this proprietary, in-house asset? No organization or business will ever realize it’s true potential until it realizes the true potential of it’s people. Capstone will show you how to affordably use happiness as a strategy for increasing the motivation, productivity, longevity and performance of your people. Happiness is that untapped asset that enhances the spirit and wealth of your business. We can even show you how to tangibly justify and measure it!

Naturally, Happiness is Capstone's preferred style of management.


To me, mentoring fits in with words like 'life coach', 'advisor', 'consultant', 'specialist', etc. At the end of the day, who really has the credentials or the experience? When it comes to the execs, their positions are minuscule in volume, in comparison to the masses. I am a mentor that ‘walks the talk’ and can truly relate to the leaders, the business, the risks, the rewards, and the issues. 

It can be isolating if you’re constantly expected to perform and make decisions that are steadily subject to scrutiny and criticism. If you need to vent or talk out loud and formulate/rap with someone who gets it, call me. I am dynamic, objective, non-judging, and private. I’m passionate about business and about contributing to the savvy and the solutions. I know what it’s like to have your blood in the game and the pressure of performing and satisfying the expectations of others. 

I mentor individuals and/or management teams. My techniques are innovative, progressive, and value-added for any individual or business.

Contact Cheri Nichol at 403-818-9890 or send her an email.